Hi! I'm Rahul Pardasani. 👋 
I'm based in Helsinki, Finland. 

This is a creative practice archive page.  I’ve transitioned from media and social impact consulting projects to talent strategy over the past decade. 
Professional work: I've led Talent Strategy for multiple deep-tech, high-growth companies in the Nordics since 2015. More information on my LinkedIn profile. Link below. 
Personal life: I strive to keep a wholesome vibe on the internet as much as possible. I share glimpses of my everyday life on my Instagram. Link below.  

I pursue photography as one of the mediums for creative practice and am keen on exploring it as an experiment with kindness. 
Reach out to me if you’re interested in: 
1. Portrait sessions:

I am inspired by the concept of  “peer-to-peer generosity”.  This is my experiment with the pay-it-forward economy. Creating a ripple effect, starting a chain reaction, altruism, sowing seeds of kindness, quid pro quo, brownie points, solidarity economy, gift economy, circular economy, etc. Whatever phrase conveys the idea best to you.

This is NOT a free session. Instead of money, I have a clear expectation of you doing something kind for someone else in return.

I love taking portraits for people and seeing the impact it has on identity and the joy it sparks in receiving great images. If you want professional images for LinkedIn, or you want pictures for your social/matchmaking profile, or just want to play and get gorgeous portraits of yourself and your loved beings be it human or your animal kin, feel free to drop me a message!

Location preference: Helsinki metropolitan area.

2. Artist collaborations:

I love working with creative people and enjoy collaborating with inspired people. Be it theatre, dance or performing arts, street art, visual arts, fashion, editorial, or anything outside the box. I have access to professional-grade equipment. Pitch me your ideas and I’d love to see if we would have synergies on creative projects.

3. Social Impact collaborations:

If you’re an organization working on animal welfare, climate action, social justice,  equity, or community welfare projects; feel free to reach out to me with a request! If my skills and services would help your mission, I’d be happy to work on a pro bono basis if it aligns with my values and availability.  

My relationship with photography:
I used to offer professional photography services and shot everything from portraits, weddings, events, travel, and documentary photography projects. My client portfolio includes lifestyle magazines, NGOs, universities, e-commerce platforms, musicians, artists, international conferences, events, retreats, etc. and I have facilitated over 200+ professional photoshoots and workshops.

I’ve explored different forms but found visual storytelling through photography and portraiture as something that sparks joy in me. 
Thank you!