I am a Helsinki-based hobbyist photographer and a passionate advocate of a better world through the arts, especially photography, promoting visual awareness, social justice, creativity, personal growth, and critical thinking.
I use experimental and participatory photography/video methods and Participatory Learning Action Research as tools for social change, to give a voice to people, and to train minority groups to become advocates of their own concerns and solutions.
For some people, photography is 'creativity', 'art', for some it's a 'job', for some it's a hobby. But for me, I look at it rather as a tool to change the world. I believe photography is a highly flexible tool that crosses cultural and linguistic barriers and can be adapted to all abilities. Its power lies in its dual role as both an art form and a way to record facts. It provides an accessible way to describe realities, communicate perspectives, and raise awareness of social and global issues.
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